In the Super Soup, she employs fermented green tomatoes in a cocktail inspired by Southeast Asian flavors, where the tomatoes are mixed with vodka, gin, a savory syrup, coconut milk and lime juice. Fermented oil will turn rancid after a short amount of time due to the high moisture content in the oil. From the Vita Coco website: “We use a form of pasteurization called flash pasteurization. Spoon the white coconut meat into a blender or food processor. So soothing. Post-Workout Chocolate Coconut Kefir Smoothie. I’ve sorted your choices for coconut water into three categories: Good, Better and Best. At Deadshot, Mesa uses the brine from a lacto-fermented gherkin in a Dirty Martini riff as part of the umami flavor. Pickled Vegetables . Grain Break. It uses minimal heat, so you can consider it cold production/cold pressed. Learn how to make delicious, fermented coconut Kefir, a large focus of the Body Ecology Diet. But, it grew on me and soon became my go-to drink for hydration and energy. Here’s a review from the Body Ecology website that makes me want to try again: “I just started using this product about 3 weeks ago to make coconut kefir. Bottled products are placed in a water bath and submitted to tens of thousands of pounds pressure, dispersed evenly throughout the cells of the cold water and products. This is the culture starter I first tried years ago when fermenting coconut water. I then purchased the coconut water available thru the body ecology website and am loving it! There is just nothing like this in the market, as far as I … PrimitiveMommy 124,611 views. Date paste seems to be the saving grace for vegans wanting to learn how to make coconut milk kefir. I like the wide range of bacteria in this starter from Body Ecology. Too coconutty! Fermented foods such as Coconut Yogurt are well respected in the gut health world and for good reasons. Now that we have local, organic gin – Ampersand Gin – where I live, I thought this recipe by the NY Times would prove the perfect match: Danielle at Fermented Food Lab goes decadent with her Post-Workout Chocolate Coconut Kefir Smoothie: “This recipe reminds me of the chocolate banana ice cream I make in the summer with frozen bananas, raw cacao and cacao nibs, except it is jam-packed with magnesium, potassium, probiotics and other minerals and vitamins the body needs after a workout. Big companies, such as Pepsico and Coca-Cola have their own versions of coconut water – O.N.E., Zico, Naked – with added sweeteners, concentrated syrups, and additives that don’t make the coconut water much different than consuming soda. Coconut milk is commonly used as a base in Indian and Thai recipes, and it makes a delicious addition to smoothies and many desserts. Make sure you leave plenty of room to allow for expansion and gas build up. This will be your biggest hurdle. Works like a charm. An army ready to do good work in your gut! Most brands use young coconuts from Thailand, process it at the farm, freezing it immediately and then shipping it frozen. She knew it would be a perfect medium for the growth of beneficial microflora.”. Try also our other homemade fermented recipes: Probiotic Vegan Cashew Spread; Fermented Probiotic Vegan Apple Butter; Vegan Probiotic Berry Smoothie; You can connect with us on our Instagram and Facebook or on Pinterest. Just turn the jar upside down and that back upright. It is a powerful source of probiotics which are the gold standard for improving your digestive system. Coconut milk kefir is not very thick and is more like drinkable style yogurt. 4. Round up some apples and make a batch of fermented apple juice. They are not super hardy, and I find them picky about where they live and what they like to eat. Most water kefir soda recipes emphasize the need to periodically feed them minerals (egg shells) and use a mineral-rich sugar (Sucanat and Rapadura). Flash pasteurized. One particular component of turmeric – curcumin – has been studied for its ability to prevent premature aging, reduce depression, manage arthritis and blood sugar, and act as a painkiller, among other things. I added a small hook to the underside of one of my kitchen cabinets for hanging my dripping yogurt. Copyright © 2020 Leaf Group Ltd., all rights reserved. It is easy to make, convenient to grab and go and filling. Put those soldiers to work people! Whey is full of beneficial bacteria that can be used to culture not only yogurt but also a variety of refreshing drinks. Body Ecology; Making Young Coconut Kefir; December 2006, "Recipes for Repair"; Kenneth B. Singleton, et al. Fermented coconut products contain probiotics, which are live microorganisms that are essential to intestinal health. I include the photo above to show the variance of color for coconut waters and the impact of starter on the color. If you would not eat the coconut milk out of the can, you should not attempt making coconut yogurt. Put the juiced coconut in a jar and let it sit for 24 hours so the oil and cream separate. The trouble with dried water grains is the same as with dried milk kefir grains, they can lose their growth factor. More sugar will mean a longer fermentation period but will give more body. Milk kefir grains contain more strains of beneficial bacteria than water kefir grains. Close the lid and place them onto a shelf in your pantry, or in your kitchen somewhere. It contains powerful anti-bacterial, anti-fungle and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a superior food to keep in your kitchen. However, as I put this post together, I learned that coconut waters are not all created equal. I don’t like the inclusion of skim milk powder. Add as much of the reserved coconut milk as necessary to make blending easier. Of course, bottled is far more convenient and doesn’t require tools, but if you’re at home and you have a few basic tools, you’ll enjoy amazingly fresh coconut water AND coconut milk AND coconut meat for what you would have paid for just the coconut water. If you have more whey than you need for fermenting your coconut water, you can successfully freeze it in small containers. And, don’t forget how including this powerful fermented food in your diet can help with your digestion. Or, maybe it’s your day at the spa and you would enjoy indulging in a Strawberry Piña Colada Smoothie that not only tastes delicious but is good for your gut? Turmeric is fast becoming a popular supplement and superfood which is why I included both powdered and fresh turmeric – and refreshing pineapple – in one of the recipes in my SureFire Sauerkraut Recipe Collection eBook. Organic, raw coconut water is your best bet, if available in your area. Perhaps, you are flat on your back after a Cross-Fit workout and need something to revive you? Don't use coconut meat that has a grayish tint; this indicates that the meat is spoiled. Use a plastic spatula or a stainless steel spoon to work the kefir grains in the strainer. We have never tried that method here at Freshly Fermented, but many people swear by it! First layer is the curd of the fermented coconut milk. For those who choose not to consume milk, as well as those who cannot because of an allergy, intolerance, or temporary restriction, having a dairy-free fermented beverage to enjoy really helps with delivering probiotics regularly. Colder environment can require 48 hours, whereas warm temperatures can finish the process in less than 12 hours. Steam sterilized. You have to periodically repurchase powdered starter since one package can only be used for 5-7 fermentation batches. INGREDIENTS: 1/4 cup water kefir grains. First: use a hammer and a butter knife/awl to poke two holes in the top of the coconut, right where the coconut has natural dents. Some may think coconut milk and coconut water the same. A coconut tree may yield hundreds of flavorful coconuts each season with each coconut containing anywhere from 1 to 2 cups of water. I’m happy that so many of you were able to affirm your love of food. Megan Mattingly-Arthur has been writing professionally since 1998. (Allow ½ inch of headspace in glass) 7. Interesting Facts Kefir has been made for generations by Asian and Central European farmers as a way to boost gut health and help strengthen the body in the form of a dense, fermented beverage . For the most part, I’m hard pressed to think of responses. Please try again. Price Foundation, How to Make Sauerkraut In a Crock in 7 Simple Steps [Healthy, Flavorful, Easy], 11 Cool Fermentation Tips for Hot Weather, The Fine Print: Disclaimers, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions. Purchased starters (affiliate link) are ideal for anyone wanting to make consecutive batches of coconut milk yogurt. Most recipes on the internet for fermented coconut water have you use water kefir grains. We share many behind-the-scenes photos and step-by … The variations are a part of nature. You’ll also get to smash the heck outta stuff. I am combining this with other fermented foods but am getting much better results since adding coconut kefir. I go over the pros and cons of four options: If you have allergies to dairy, you’ll want to use water kefir grains. It has an earthy flavor with a ginger zing, and it’s infused with compounds that many believe support gentle detoxification. Knowing how to crack open coconuts could be considered a survival skill. I harvested the grains I’m using for fermenting coconut water – from the growth of the grains in my milk kefir – over seven years ago. Easy recipe for homemade kefir fermented … Coconut milk kefir is a delicious, vegan fermented coconut milk beverage. Discover not only the benefits of the current coconut water craze but also the bonus benefits behind fermented coconut water. Fermenting on the go! I was happy to come across this coconut water recipe that also uses turmeric. The quality of the oil yielded through fermentation is the highest quality I know. 2:32. For more on the coconut water industry and what to look for when purchasing coconut water see this article from Food Babe: How to Buy the Healthiest Coconut Water and Avoid the Worst. Well, milk kefir grains ferment the sugars in animal milk (lactose). Blend the coconut meat into a smooth puree. Flash pasteurized. Remove any brown skin clinging to the coconut meat, if necessary. Coconut kefir is a nourishing fermented beverage made with coconut milk, date paste and kefir grains. Remove the lid. In general, you want to look for coconut water that is the least processed and still has most of its nutrients intact. Let’s first start with what coconut water is and then go on to fermented coconut water. And, I did not like my first few sips of fermented coconut water. I have to say, I was very excited to receive this guest post from Maria at True Foods Nutrition on how to make your own coconut kefir. We have discontinued selling dried water grains. There was an error submitting your subscription. Enter your email address and click DOWNLOAD to discover 7 Surprising Uses for Coconut Water. I always drink my fermented coconut water au natural, but coming across these recipes using coconut water has my taste buds watering for something more. And I love it when traveling. You can add ginger, stevia, lemon, and/or lime if desired. Easy, raw, vegan, and gluten-free coconut yogurt with just 3 ingredients. Grown without pesticides or chemicals. Organic coconut milk that has been handmade, offers the additional benefits of anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. Mix 2 capsules of probiotic powder with 1 quart coconut water at room temperature. This smoothie will not only help you recover quickly, but it is also very satisfying. We won't send you spam. This will allow the mixture to ferment and produce acid to form vinegar. Coconuts younger than 5 months are bitter. (liter bottle or 2-520 ml cans), approximately, of coconut water, (milk kefir grains, water kefir grains, yogurt whey or powdered starter culture), packet powdered starter (Follow directions on package.). INGREDIENTS 1 Kultured Wellness yoghurt starter 1600 mL of Ayam coconut cream (4 x 400 mL cans) METHOD Place the ingredients into a food processor or blender and blend on the lowest speed until smooth and combined. Continue mixing until they are all combined. See below. If using yogurt whey or powder starter, mix the contents a few times each day. Add 1/2 tsp of organic cane sugar to each jar or 1/2 tbsp of fruit puree. Watch below. Transfer fermented liquid into glass pitcher using strainer to reserve kefir grains. Coconut Fermented Water Kefir Recipe. Unfortunately, these heat processes do destroy some, if not all, of the nutrients and enzymes. The slightly sweet, slightly fermented taste makes the perfect background for flavorings such as fruit, juice and even herbs. From the Feeding Change website: “Every care is taken to preserve all the essential nutrients, enzymes, and electrolyte-loaded goodness. I have discontinued selling any dried cultures. It contains powerful anti-bacterial, anti-fungle and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a superior food to keep in your kitchen. You can warm it slightly in a saucepan but be careful not to let it get too hot and destroy the natural bacteria. Coconut milk and coconut yogurt do not hold the same nutritional profile as coconut water, which offers more nutrients and is more beneficial for hydration purposes. When fermenting in milk or sugar water, the grains multiply and after awhile anyone who is making milk kefir or kefir sodas will have grains to spare. During this time, the bacteria in the culture eat the sugars in the water, grow beneficial probiotics and create a bubbly, tangy drink with far less sweetness than the original coconut water and many more benefits, mainly probiotics. To keep the water kefir grains strong and vibrant, it is best to do a water kefir ferment after every third ferment when using the coconut cream in order to feed the grains with vitamins and minerals from the coconut sugar. Use a Phillips screwdriver and hammer to poke a hole in the coconuts if you don't have a drill. Are you on a remote tropical island and in need of an intravenous hydration fluid? The Cultured Coconut's exceptionally high concentration of live bacteria and yeast strains contribute to healthy gut flora. This lightly fizzy, slightly sweet drink energizes, replaces electrolytes and is high in many nutrients. I would not recommend dehydrated milk kefir grains due to the number of people that have not had success with them. 6 tablespoons of the previous batch will ferment 1 quart of liquid.”. Here is what I learned and what I will now look for when buying my coconut water. (source 1,  source 2) I haven’t found any studies regarding its effect on energy levels, but my experience is that it seems to help with alertness. I grew up drinking fresh and refreshing coconut water, from plump and just-fallen-off-the-tree coconuts. Definitely Not! And you think I covered it all in this post. Taste. To make your own coconut yogurt you’ll need strong probiotics and coconut … Recipe Video. Making You Own Coconut Water from Green Coconuts, Cultures for Making Fermented Coconut Water, Cultures for Health Kefir Starter Culture. This step is basically just using common sense, so you needn’t follow it, but just to let you know how I do it. Place the jar of coconut yogurt into the fridge. Buyer beware. Mattingly-Arthur is studying travel and tourism through Penn Foster Career School. Look for tiny bubbles rising to the surface. Coconut Water And Coconut Milk, Are Both the Same? ; Cover with coffee filter or cloth, secured by a rubber band. How to make coconut kefir. In the morning, I fill my travel mug with fermented coconut water. Naturally Fermented Coconut Water Probiotic Drink - YouTube Start by buying a fresh coconut for coconut water. they take time to wake up; a whole month for kombucha, and possibly several weeks for milk kefir grains. Use the cream cheese to make a delicious soft-cheese spread, a favorite in our house. 5. Use this other recipe from Rasa Malaysia to add some tropical flavor to your day: Fermented Coconut Water + Mint leaves + Lime Juice + Rum + Ice = Mojito. The Taste Nirvana water is much more yellow than the raw Feeding Changing coconut water in the first picture. If it's good, save it. Their food of choice is lactose, which is why they are commonly used to make milk kefir. Fermenting 1 tbsp of kefir grains in 2 cups of coconut milk over 3 days may produce a lightly tangy kefir. Or add to fruit juice for a bubbly, probiotic beverage. It's a thick and creamy treat to enjoy on its own, with fruit or topped with some raw granola. A different setup might work better for you. Thaw before use. Thank you!!! Fermented coconut water is one of the easiest probiotic drinks to make. MAKES: about 1 1/2 cups. I use one of those tall half-gallon canning jars, 1/2 cup milk kefir grains and 3-520 ml cans of coconut water. ?” & “Top 5 Healthiest Choices”, Coconut Water is as Good as Ingesting a Commercial Sports Drink…, Coconut Water: Far More than Just a Refreshing Beverage. Steam sterilization is a combination of heat and pressure, to eliminate bacteria within coconut water and extend its shelf-life. Many kefirs are created from grain starters, however, this recipe is created by a probiotic powder. Truth be told, I do not like coconut water. procedur es [1 5, 16]. These brands of coconut water are as close as you can get to the real stuff. It will ferment just about anything with sugar in however for a limited time. You should see the words “raw,” “unpasteurized” and “no added sweeteners” on the label. I’m retesting a batch now; it took longer than usual but fermented into a lovely, effervescent drink. Thank you for sharing your email address. You’ll notice inulin on the list. Not a headache, sick or anything! I learned the hard way how important fermented foods were for keeping my digestion healthy and regular. – The Cultured Cook“. Start by buying a fresh coconut for coconut water. Made with a culture known as Water Kefir Grains (also known as Tibicos, Japanese Water Crystals, etc. sea salt to the coconut puree and stir until combined. However, the healthy water can be used on its own to create a tasty and strong alcohol. Coconut water is the juice present inside the interior cavity of young green coconuts. They still work, but may not grow. Make sure the water that was separated from the coconuts is at room temperature. I may switch to an organic one at the GOOD level, or try Feeding Change from the BEST level if I really want raw coconut water, and drink less to offset the higher cost. Pour the coconut water into the large container. Just add crushed garlic and one teaspoon of salt to the cream cheese and you’re set. Alternatively, you may just stir ingredients Take the pan off of the heat when a thermometer inserted into the puree reads 90 degrees Fahrenheit. If you want to be adventurous and have access to reasonably priced young green coconuts, you can “make” your own coconut water. Store the fermented coconut in the refrigerator for up to three weeks. // Leaf Group Lifestyle. Store kefir in a glass jar at room temperature or in the refrigerator to keep chilled. ? Let the water drain out, and taste it. Before leaving I ferment a batch, which is kept in my cooler until there’s about 1/2 cup of fermented coconut water left in the bottom. Not labeled organic, but company told one reviewer that they follow organic guidelines. Does that mean you shouldn’t? Check out this basic sauerkraut recipe to get started. TO MAKE THE KEFIR: Pour coconut water or sugar water into a glass jar. Water kefir (“keh-fear”) grains — also called sugar kefir, tibicos, tibi, Japanese water crystals — are similar to kefir grains, which are used in dairy milk to make a fermented dairy drink. A powdered starter may seem less intimidating than kefir grains. For the first batch, the fermentation process might be slower. “This turmeric version is my “go-to” when I need a natural energy boost.

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