06/22/2018 by Considering it wasn't there before the repair, I would focus on the charging and if 4013 is still there, then look at that separately. iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Logic board repairs: Audio IC Repair – $150 No Power – $150 Charging Trouble – $150 No Backlight or No Image – $125 Hung on Apple or Looping – $200 If nothing happens, you may need to get the charging port repaired. I’ve read a few threads on this issue and there seems to … Hard Reset iPhone 7. My email is smdeuman@yahoo.com. Just probe in diode mode and look for anything out of place, like shorts or OL where they shouldn't be or disparate values on paired lines (like I2C). 1. So did you reconnect the camera after restoring? After following the above-stated suggestions, you would certainly be able to overcome the iPhone boot loop mode. This method may be a temporary fix the problem, but does help fix the charging issue on the iPhone 7. UTechZH USB Charging Port Headphone Jack Dock Connector W/Mic Flex Cable Cellular Antenna Replacement Part Compatible for iPhone 7 4.7" All Carriers (Black) 3.8 out of 5 stars 40 $8.99 $ 8 . I’ve invested in a known good housing to be able to rule out parts issues. Download link is at the bottom of this post. I thought that my battery was damaged, so I decided to replace it myself. The main culprits for a boot loop on iPhone 7 after a screen replacement would normally be a damaged home button (or home button flex cable), (will eventually come on after 5-10 mins) or damaged front camera flex. Don't be panic! Check the Charging Port on Your iPhone. "Help! so i though maby it was a bad chip placement and proceeded to remove and reball the chip i just put on. I get new replacement iPhone on spot. The phone does only boot when the charging cable is plugged in. With time, your iPhone charging port can be full of dust and dirt, which will affect the lightning or dock connector cable to connect to your iPhone. If your really unlucky then it's possibly an ic as they are a known problem from dropping a iPhone 7. Any advice on fixing this so that you can plug the cable back in? 99 the only thing i can think of is that the board may have flexed a bit at the audio ic/ bb pmu fault line and is causing this. iPhone restart loop usually occurs after updating to iOS 13/12/11. It's nerve-wracking but you can 100% solve the issue. i have found the issue, the bb cpu is internally shorted on PP_1V0_SMPS5 unfortunately there is no way to fix as far as i know. I put the old battery in, and plugged everything in again. Method 2: Clean the Charge Port. Also, check the charging port of your device; use a flashlight to see if there is lint or any debris in it. When I get it the phone just boot loops after apple logo after a few seconds. Roland Chandler Call me back on phone and step by step tell me what I should do with iPhone. Tested battery and the screen on a different phone and it works fine. This typically causes a no start issue not a bootloop. However, some users report that their iPhone won’t turn on after screen replacement. They had someone replaced the charge port and battery. so then i replaced tristar again this time with 1610a3 which as far as i know is fully compatible to substitute for the original. Press and quickly release the Volume Down button. Hi folks. I plugged the phone into the charger, got an Apple logo, and then it died again. Model 1660, 1778 Available as GSM or CDMA / 32, 128 or 256 GB / Rose gold, gold, silver, black, and jet black. boot looping in iPhone 7 seems to have many causes, none of them leaving any physical signs on the board. We have been repairing this issues like crazy at my shop here in the St. Louis area. Trinity contains the coil that is in the Tigris circuit so if that is damaged or the solder connections are affected in any way, you will not get proper charging. Your iPhone 7 Plus's charging process involves four components: the software, charging port on the iPhone 7 Plus, charging cable, and charger. So when my iPhone 6 was only 6 or 8 months old, the charging port started acting up. If they want to charge to 200-300 dollars tell them no thank you. Thank you! I had the same issue with a 7...I was replacing the factory Apple screen with an aftermarket...started boot looping upon installing new screen...disconnected the screen and restored entering DFU mode...thought I fixed it...nope. Force restart an iPhone 7, 7 … I've had the same issue as you many times, apparently if I disconnect the home button you can plug the front camera back on and it will work again. Was this answer helpful? In this article, I'll show you how to determine why your iPhone 7 Plus is not charging and walk you step-by-step through how to fix your iPhone 7 Plus, for good. it seems that even with brand new lightning charger cables, it would not charge unless i fiddle with it and look for the exact position in which it does charge. confirmed tristar was at fault, and proceeded to replace it with 1610a3b (the exact tristar model of iphone 7) after the replacement the phone was charging but only while it was powered down. If this happened to you, I recommend checking your Lightning port and your charging cable for damage. And after Apple support tell me make a booking a genius appointment at Apple Store with technic inside. @drfixit_tech. 05/17/2018 by If this doesn’t do the trick, there are a series of resets that you can try on a phone even if it’s not showing any life on screen. The phones starts normaly. After that, try to charge your iPhone again. Boot loop or taking forever to boot after a screen replacement on iPhone 7 or newer can be caused by a defective or incorrectly installed proximity sensor. How to Fix iPhone 7 Boot Loop Update iOS 13. My iPhone 7 is stuck in continuous reboot loop and the Apple logo comes and disappears on screen." You don’t have to ask your repair technician or care center for help at all. This fixed the problem of my iPhone dying but now it's just back in the boot loop. As soon as i close the last 2 cm of the display.. boom. So I have an iPhone 7 which had the well known Audio IC issue where the microphone isn't working. Question: Q: iPhone charging port repair and replacement options my less than year old iphone 6 has issues charging. Reassembled everything but this time I more carefully reseated the Home button and this time all worked 100%. If either of them are damaged, this problem occur again in the future. Is it permanently broken now? i manage to pass the boot stage making it to passcode screen if and it manage to run for at most 1 hour and 30 minutes top then it completely cuts off and bott loop for another measure of time before reaching the passcode screen should i downgrade the firmware of the phone to resolve the problem, When I last had this after my screen replacement-it was either a screw in wrong spot, cable not seated all the way or a torn camera wire... disconnect everything (starting with battery) and only connect the screen and see if problem continues, 12/16/2019 by When i connect all cable but leave the screen half open,. Once this disconnects, the device cannot receive the data it needs upon boot up to actually boot fully. @anka_care, be careful in installing the charging connector, try comparing the charging connector to the normal pcb. If that fails out and you're certain the battery is good then i'd go hunting boardlevel problems. Keep holding them until you see the recovery-mode screen. Part 2. On an iPhone 6s and earlier, iPad, or iPod touch: Press and hold both the Home and the Top (or Side) buttons at the same time. We have brought you a few methods to resolve iPhone 7 boot loop. Method 2: Clean the Charge Port. So it's to be expected that some bad chips will be in those reels that we buy from. We will also cover the methods for a jailbroken iPhone. I just replaced an iPhone 7 battery. ! This issue could occur after jailbreak, an iOS update,, screen replacement, restore from backup, update iOS to previous version but turn to endless boot loop or due to hardware problems and other unknown reasons.

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