There is not enough porn out there for people who are into kinks, especially those guys that like to be called “daddy” during sex. The thing about “daddy” porn is that it needs to evoke something a lot more realistic, it can’t be the standard run of the mill porn that you are probably used to seeing on the average porn sites of the world. “Daddy” porn needs to have something more, something that would give you a more wholesome and immersive experience.
Most porn sites just don’t realize this simple fact. When they create “daddy” porn, they just end up creating the basic porn videos that they always make, except in this one the girl calls the guy “daddy” on occasions. This can be really frustrating for people who want something more immersive from their porn experience, especially if they have paid for the privilege of accessing this porn site.

Trailer for the new DadСrush series with Mackenzie Moss:

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