When combined with Desmodium it is an effective biological control agent for the African Maize stem borer through the push and pull technology. •    Use Napier grass varieties that are tolerant to the disease •    Movement of infected planting materials by farmers Lady finger serves many benefits to health and its one of super food which should be consumed by people who suffer from diabetes. Additionally, the grass can be used as a hedge around maize plantation and it will serve as a wind breaker. The best time to harvest napier is when the grass is about one metre long or three to four months old. And the quality of milk has increased. We have our plantation in Gujarat State, India, where we have cultivated our own unique Hybrid Napier Grass CO5. While many farm owners and livestock owners are well aware of the benefits of Indian-grown forage and silage like alfalfa, maize, Napier and Super Napier, Hybrid Napier Grass CO5 is a new hybridized grass that offers superior nutrition – for a similar price. It is vulnerable to disease and pest attacks. I It is forage for napier grass once harvest and without additional fertilization. Brachiaria grass produces a lot of forage yearly. Napier has good root systems that can cover a wide area and this has made it a master of soil erosion control especially on river banks. The writer works with NARO/NaLiRRI, Tororo, Former Makindye East MP to seek court injunction. Napier grass has the ability to withstand drought conditions, this coupled with dwindling land size for small dairy holders has made it a preferred choice. Bana grass is a particular variety of Pennisetum. It takes up a lot of nutrients from the soils and is highly demanding on nutrient recycling/fertilizer application. November 26th 2016 at 11:47:05 GMT +0300. •    Many smallholder dairy farmers struggle to make up for the lost biomass due to the disease by stepping up feed supplementation resulting into an increase in cost of supplements per day by 200 per cent. The milk has increased by 20% to 30% by feeding the livestock and feeding the livestock with super napier grass than the other grass we have given. The disease was first observed on farmers’ fields in Masaka district in 2000. Adding molasses during ensiling improves fermentation process and makes it a delicacy to livestock. Napier is favoured because it is easy to establish. Mission. Consider feeding the animal on high protein legumes like desmodium, sweet potatoe vines and calliandra, concentrates and mineral licks in addition to napier to increase milk production. It does not grow well in waterlogged areas. My cow has refused to go for long call, Coast drug addicts decry shortage of rehabs and counselling centers, Governors want wider road to boost business at depot, Coca-Cola tears into Plaintiffs evidence in bad soda case, Probe into death of six Nyeri children yields no suspects. Fights against Poisonous Toxins Benefits of Brachiaria Grass. It is also the main source for paper production in mnay regions. The grass is widely used for soil and water conservation in hilly slope areas. Brachiaria grass does not take up lots of nutrients from the soil. August 29, 2020 Posted by: RSIS Team; Category: Biochemistry, IJRIAS; No Comments . Effect of the disease on fodder and animal production and household income, •    The total herbage yield of Napier grass is reduced by over 80%. Le napier produit aussi une matière gluante comme du chewing-gum qui prend au piège les foreurs des tiges et qui éventuellement les tue. Its amazing growth power makes it suitable for many purposes, from tall grass hedge to fuel and fodder. Napier grass, also known as elephant grass, Uganda grass, or pennisetum purpureum, is a tropical grass native to Africa. Napier grass commonly known as elephant grass is an important fodder in Uganda and has been increasingly associated with intensive (stall-feeding/zero grazing) and semi-intensive dairy cattle and goat production systems to meet the increasing demand for milk and meat. Its nutritive value can however vary depending on a number of factors key among them how it is cared for in the field, how it is prepared on farm or how it is conserved. Brachiaria is resistant to these diseases. Pennisetum species is a tall perennial plant, growing to 2 – 6mts tall, rarely up to 7.5 mt. MAXIMUM BENEFITS.        Beside the great effects of lady finger in prevent and cure diabetes, it has long list of other benefits. farmradio.org. Soil health benefits from an optimal combination of fertilization, irrigation and cutting. It is a good fodder for animal in low budget. This review summarizes the literature highlighting the significance of forage crops, the current improvements and some of future directions for improving yield and nutritional quality. is a major tropical grass.It is one of the highest yielding tropical grasses. Morrone was proposed in 2010 as a replacement for Pennisetum purpureum Schumach. Basic Bana grass facts. napier grass health benefits. For instance, if napier grass is harvested at 3.5 m height, the yield may be a little more but the fodder may be of little value to an animal nutrition because it does not constitute a maintenance ration and thus the very purpose of green fodder production is defated. This review summarizes the literature highlighting the significance of forage crops, the current improvements and some of future directions for improving yield and nutritional quality. Brachiaria grass produces a lot of forage yearly. I’m a skeptic by nature, so when I first heard about the benefits of Napier COBN5 ( Napier CO5 ) forage and silage from Rivashaa, I decided to do my tests. It has the ability to withstand repeated cutting and will rapidly regenerate, producing palatable leafy shoots [ 4 ]. In addition to be used as a trap plant in the push-pull technology, Napier grass is the most important fodder crop in smallholder dairy production systems in East Africa, characterized by small zero grazing units. There are many good benefits like this. A grass fed to cattle throughout much of the tropics may become a biofuel crop that helps the nation meet its future energy needs, according to a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) scientist. And the quality of milk has increased. Guinea grass yields an average of 30 t DM/ha/year (Cook et al., 2005). Root of the nut grass plant has been highly valued for many years in traditional Chinese medicine and Indian Ayurvedic medicine for its medicinal qualities. As a vet, I will focus on it because it is a land mark that you can never miss in any livestock farm, just like ugali in any Kenyan home. Despite being some of the most important crops globally, there has been limited research on forages when compared with cereals, fruits, and vegetables. How to Plant Napier Grass. But it's too soon to know if this causes side effects such as low potassium levels. But Napier grass/Bracharia grass does not allow stemborer larvae to develop on it. Napier grass (Pennisetum purpureum Schumach.) The push–pull effect is established by exploiting semiochemicals to repel insect pests from the crop (‘push’) and to attract them into trap crops (‘pull’) e.g. It is however recommended that for maximum use, the cut and carry method is better. The push-pull technology also has significant benefits for dairy farming, since desmodium and Napier grass are both high quality animal fodder plants. What does that mean for Kenya? They can tell you more about the Napier smut and stunt diseases. •    Use recommended agronomic practice (spacing; fertilizer application; proper cutting intervals and cutting heights). It has so many tillering ability. This plant has been used in the treatment and prevention of many ailments. Napier grass is vulnerable to diseases like Napier stunt and Napier smut diseases. Per square meter, napier grass can produce fresh forage of 2.14 kgs. The present study aimed to evaluate nutritive value and fermentative quality of silages made of either chopped or unchopped Napier grass harvested at different growth stages, and effects on intake and blood composition of cattle. Check below explanation to know further. Figure – 2 . There are many good benefits like this. Factbox: The U.S. presidential election explained in 10 numbers, Dairy farmers decry cost of feeds, milk production costs have hiked, Dairy farmers from Kitiri, Nyandarua learn how a new milk trace ability system helps improve quality, My cow has developed habit of ‘hiding’ milk, Kisumu to build dairy farm to boost milk production, Dairy farmers in Nandi earn Sh 800 million in milk deliveries, Help! If you choose to let animals graze on it directly from the field do it in a rotational manner— bring in animals after three months and then give the grass about a month to sprout thereafter. is a fast-growing perennial grass native to Sub-Saharan Africa that is widely grown across the tropical and subtropical regions of the world. •    The institute is producing hay on commercial basis for sale to farmers. While wild-growing Napier grass has many benefits, there have been some challenges in using it for fodder and other uses. Couch grass might work like a water pill and increase the elimination of water from the body. For instance, unfertilized Guinea grass yields around 7t DM/ha while N-fertilized pastures can yield up to 42t/ha (Hongthong Phimmasan, 2005). Hybid napier is a bait plant with a life of 2-3 years. Planting Napier grass • Select healthy Napier grass for planting. The biomass operations team operate 24 hours a day and are responsible for delivering 25 tonnes of biomass per hour to the factory. It is a very versatile species that can be grown under a wide range of conditions and systems: dry or wet conditions, smallholder or larger scale agriculture. Studies conducted at the National Livestock Resources Research Institute (NaLIRRI) have shown over 90 percent of Napier grass fodder fields in Uganda are affected by this disease. Affected Napier grass plants remain stunted, have short internodes, bunchy appearance and produce very low fodder yields. - Biomass: Grass has low water and nutrient requirements. The Napier grass, currently being developed under the auspices of Bacolor Mayor Jomar Hizon, was also originally planted for forage, he revealed recently during a meeting with GE. The mean CP content of napier grass in this study is within the ranges reported by Muia et al. Police officer in custody for assaulting his boss, Mombasa Principal Magistrate Elvis Michieka dies at Karen hospital, Sh60b Nairobi expressway to be completed early, TSC plans to hire 6,600 interns, train teachers, I would rather resign if being MP will subject me to endless attacks — Caleb Amisi.

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